Is It Possible to Make Changes to Already Completed Tax Forms?

If you follow our blog posts you know that every year the bigger amount of companies, organizations and even individuals come over to managing their documents workflow electronically. Nowadays, you have a great opportunity to prepare your taxes, e.g., w2 or 1099 forms online. A number of web platforms are developed for helping you to go through the taxation period without headaches.

How Modification Software Helps You to Edit Completed Tax Return in PDF?

The portable document format or PDF has been actively used for representing tax forms. It has many indisputable advantages, including compactness, cross-platform, security. However, this format also has peculiarities, which are primarily related to software.

The obstacle for even wider distribution of PDF lies in the insufficient number of programs intended for creating, converting, editing documents in this format. There are many free applications for viewing PDFs, but if you want to perform any manipulations with the file, you will have to turn to expensive commercial service, which is not acceptable for everyone. It’s good that more and more web-software come to our rescue that allows you to create, edit, extract text and images, merge several documents and perform other actions with your documents.

In addition, a definite modification solution allows you to save the completed tax form and then reexamine it, make changes or correct the mistakes if there are any. Moreover, some could rewrite the document at all. It means, that you can not only replenish the fillable fields but edit the original text of the template right as you do it in WORD file.

How to Choose Your Tax Form Editing Platform Online?

Below you can find our checklist of the recommendations to hold when choosing software for PDF editing and operating with IRS forms:

  1. It is important for the platform to be agreed with the Trusted Providers of the Internal Revenue Service, giving the opportunity to send the form directly after it is completed.
  2. Find out any information about the main benefits of the web-solution.
  3. Detect if the interface is user-friendly, how quickly you familiarize with the main functionality.
  4. View the basic operations that you can use when working with a document: managing the text, images, date, signatures, checkboxes, etc.
  5. Pay attention to the presence and absence of extra functions: send the document immediately by fax, arrange the form to be sent via USPS and track it, send for a sign to another single user or group, secure and find your template easily, etc.
  6. Spend a bit of your time and find out information about the level of protection of your data when using the chosen solution.
  7. Go through the additional qualities of the product, which of them will be necessary or desirable.
  8. Does the product fully satisfy your needs?

Get the Second Chance for Your Tax Form Submitted with Mistakes

Keep in mind, if you have already completed your annual return with mistakes and have sent it to IRS, you still have the second chance. In this case, you should use the Form 1040x or so-called Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. To go through it correctly use the IRS Instructions and remember that it could not be e-filed, this return must be filled out on paper only. But you still can use the editing services online to change the completed PDF tax form, print it, sign and send via USPS directly to the Internal Revenue Service office according to your location.
Before starting, you can check out the IRS YouTube Videos: Amending My Return.

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